Corte Fitted Face Mask - Whisper

Corte Fitted Face Mask - Whisper

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UPAVIM Crafts is dedicated to helping others, especially during hard times such as these. That's why our artisans have created beautiful, colorful, and handmade cotton face masks. Handmade with an outer layer of traditional Guatemalan fabric and an inner lining of tight 100% cotton twill, these durable masks provide both protection and breathability.

Our Corte Fitted Face Mask is handwoven in a beak-like shape that creates a fitted yet comfortable mask. 

  • Two elastic bands (for placement over the ears)
  • 2 layers of 100% cotton
  • Reusable

Please note these masks are not medical grade or N95s. However, they do follow the CDC's recommendations for cloth face masks. Follow all recommended face-covering guidelines. Wash after each use.

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