Birkenstock Repair

We've repaired Birkenstocks for over 30 years, averaging more than 1,000 pairs a year. The photo shows a pair we remanufactured, saving only the original buckles and straps. 

Send to
     Fourth Ave Birkenstock
     209 N 4th Ave
     Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Or bring them to us during store hours. We'll suggest options and arrange for payment.

Your repaired footwear can be sent back to you with free return shipping or picked up at the store.

Common Birkenstock Repair Prices 

Resoling                                             $  80.
Heels                                                      30.
Remanufacture, firm footbeds             110.
Remanufacture, soft footbeds             120.
Patch area of cork                                   8.