Birkenstock Repair

We've repaired Birkenstocks for over 30 years, averaging more than 1,000 pairs a year. The photo shows a pair we remanufactured, saving only the original buckles and straps. 

Send to
     Fourth Ave Birkenstock
     209 N 4th Ave
     Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Or put them in a bag and bring them to us between 11 and 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. To limit contact, please enclose a note with your name, phone number, email address and the date. We'll call you in a day or two with options and arrange for payment.

Your repaired footwear can be sent with free return shipping, or picked up at the store.

Common Birkenstock Repair Prices 

Resoling                                             $  80.
Heels                                                      30.
Remanufacture, firm footbeds             110.
Remanufacture, soft footbeds             120.
Patch area of cork                                   8.